Oklahoma City Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bugs in Oklahoma has spiked significantly over the past few years. One of the main reasons for their return is because of the frequency and ease of international travel in areas where there are high infestations.  People spread bed bugs without knowing from one place to another through bedding, furniture, and other materials.  An increase in the resistance to pesticides and other chemicals has also helped the population of bed bugs grow within the US.

As the Bed Bug epidemic worsens, many people find themselves fighting off an insect that remains increasingly harder to detect and exterminate. Unfortunately, a large majority of Americans are unaware of the existence of Bed Bugs which makes them even more difficult to spot. With the help of a professional pest control service, you can get rid of your bug problem before they do too much damage to your bedding as well as your body.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are warm blood seeking insects that are masters at hiding in undetectable places. They often come out at night in an attempt to feed on their favorite food, blood. Unfortunately, many people make an attempt at exterminating these ravenous bugs on their own, but find that they are often a difficult insect to get rid of.

When the bugs aren't feeding, they are reproducing, which causes a small infestation to grow into a larger one VERY quickly. In fact, some people don't end up finding the source of the bugs until they have already destroyed their bedding, which can end up being a very costly replacement.

Signs of OKC Bed Bugs

  • Rashes (often in a row where the bugs feed)
  • Feces Trails - This is left behind and is often closely resembling small dark brown spots.
  • Extreme Itching

Normally, these bugs are known to be transported from unclean hotels/motels, or international trips where bed bugs are more prevalent. They are extremely resilient and travel easily in luggage bags, clothing, or anything else they can hide away in until the time is right to feed.

Exterminating Bed Bugs on your own

Trying to handle a Bed Bug problem on your own will normally end in frustration, as the only way to kill these insects is by extreme heat, or safe insecticides. It's not recommended to try and get rid of these bugs on your own due to the need for non potent chemicals. You never want to spray insecticide where you sleep so using a professional pest control service will allow you access to these special chemicals that won't endanger you.

The other problem with trying to handle these issues on your own is that it's very difficult to find ALL the bugs, which will ultimately result in them reproducing and growing even larger. The best option is to leave it to the professionals that are trained for these types of exterminations.

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases but are difficult to remove once they are present in an area without the help of a professional bed bug exterminator in Oklahoma City.  Cleaning alone will not solve your infestation issue.  Get an inspection done from Brandley and get a comprehensive check to make sure they are fully exterminated.

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